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College of Arts and Sciences

Jorge V. José

Jorge V. José James H. Rudy Distinguished Professor of Physics
Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics (Theoretical)

B.S., Physics, UNAM (Mexico), 1971.
M.S., Physics, UNAM (Mexico), 1973.
Ph.D., Physics, UNAM, University of Chicago, 1976.
Postdoctoral Positions:
Brown University, 1974-76
University of Chicago, 1977-79
Rutgers University, 1979-80

Phone: Swain West 157 812-855-7929
Email: jjosev at

Selected Publications

  • Directional and temporal selectivity in motor cortex (with E. Torres, K. Ganguly, J. Carmena), submitted.
  • Biophysical model of chromosome driven mitotic spindle formation dynamics (with Stuart C. Schaffner) Phys. Rev E. (2009).
  • Stimulus competition in attention: A neural model of visual cortex area V4. (With E. Hugues) Int. Jou. Mod. Phys. 17, 915-923 (2008) .
  • Reentrant quantum phase transitions in two capacitively coupled Josephson arrays in perpendicular magnetic fields, (With G. Ramirez-Santiago). Phys. Rev. B. B77, 064513 (2008).
  • Biophysical Model of self-organized spindle formation patterns without centrosomes and kinetochores (with S. Schaffner) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, Volume 103, Number 30, pp.11166-11171 (2006).
  • Classical Mechanics: A Contemporary Approach, (with E. Saletan). Cambridge University Press, (670 pp), September 1998, 1999, 2002.