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College of Arts and Sciences

Jorge V José

Jorge V José James H. Rudy Distinguished Professor of Physics
Condensed Matter Physics and Neuroscience (Theoretical)

B.S., Physics, UNAM (Mexico), 1971.
M.S., Physics, UNAM (Mexico), 1973.
Ph.D., Physics, UNAM, 1976.
Postdoctoral Positions:
Brown University, 1974-76
University of Chicago, 1977-79
Rutgers University, 1979-80

Office: Swain West 157
Phone: 812-855-7929
Email: jjv at

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Webpage

Selected Publications

  • Di Wu, Jorge V. José, John I. Nurnberger and Elizabeth B. Torres “A Biomarker Characterizing Neurodevelopment with application in Autism” Scientific Reports-Nature. (2018)
  • "Phase Transitions and New Developments" Conference Proceedings. Edited by Lars Brink, J. Michael Kosterlitz, Jorge V. José, Mike Gunn and K. K. Phua. World Scientific, (2018).
  • Jorge V. José. “BKT Stability Against Disorder, External Magnetic Fields, Classical and Quantum Fluctuations and Quasi-Particle Tunneling Dissipation” in "Proceedings of Topological Phase Transitions and New Developments” Edited by Lars Brink, J. Michael Kosterlitz, Jorge V. José, Mike Gunn and K. K. Phua. World Scientific, (2018).
  • Torres EB et al. “Towards Precision Psychiatry: Statistical Platform for the Personalized Characterization of Natural Behaviors” Frontiers in Neurology, February, Volume 7, Article 8, (2016).
  • Torres EB, Brincker M, Isenhower RW, Yanovich P, Stigler KA, Nurnberger JI, Metaxas D., and José JV, "The Micro-movement Perspective In: Autism": Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, Volume 7, Article 32, (2013)
  • José JV "Duality, Gauge Symmetries, Renormalization Groups and the BKT Transition". International Journal of Modern Physics B. Vol. 30, No. 0 (2016) 173000 .
  • Wu D, Torres EB., José JV,In Autism: "The Movement Sensing Perspective": Neuroscience Series (pp.221-227). CRC Press Taylor and Francis, Torres EB and Whyatt CP (Eds.) (2017).
  • José JV, "Non-Gaussian Statistical Distributions Arising in Large Scale Personalized Neurological Data Sets" Book Chapter” In Autism: The Movement Sensing Perspective, Edition: Neuroscience Series (pp.155-164). CRC Press Taylor and Francis. Torres EB and Whyatt CP (Eds.) (2017).
  • "Classical Mechanics: A Contemporary Approach", (with E. Saletan). Cambridge University Press, (670 pp), September (1998, 1999, 2002).
  • "40 Years of Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Theory", Editor and contributor. Published by World Scientific (2013).