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College of Arts and Sciences

Jinfeng Liao

Jinfeng Liao Associate Professor
Nuclear Physics (Theoretical)

B.S., Tsinghua University, 2001
M.S., Tsinghua University, 2004
Ph.D, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2008

Office: SW 231
Phone: (812) 856-7796
Email: liaoji at

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Webpage

I am a theoretical nuclear physicist interested in studying the structures and properties of matter under extreme conditions --- the hottest, the densest, and/or the most strongly interacting matter that once filled the entire Universe that can now be explored by high energy collider experiments in the laboratory as well as by astrophysical observation of compact stars in the sky. These studies cover a wide range of topics in nuclear physics, particle physics, as well as many-body physics. Specifically I have recently been working on: 1) the strongly interacting pre-equilibrium matter, at very early times during an ultra-relativistic heavy ion collision, and its thermalization during the-first-three-fermi (over c time) after the little bang; 2) the emergent topological degrees of freedom which are deemed responsible for quark confinement and are expected to dominate the structure of matter at strong coupling; 3) the topological effects and possibly symmetry-violating phenomenon that may be observable in experiments.

Selected Publications

    I am the author or co-author of over 90 scientific publications. Most of these can be found at the SPIRES database by CLICKING HERE .