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Hans-Otto Meyer

Hans-Otto Meyer Professor Emeritus
Nuclear Physics (Experimental)

Ph.D., Basel, Switzerland, 1971.
Postdoctoral Positions: U. Wisconsin, LANL, U. Washington

Phone: CEEM (812) 855-2883
Email: meyer1 at

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My field of research is experimental nuclear physics. Among other topics, I have studied pion-nucleus total cross sections, pionic atoms, anomalous alpha scattering from medium-weight nuclei, forward dispersion relations in proton-nucleus elastic scattering, nucleon-nucleus elastic scattering and reactions at intermediate energies, effective NN interaction and nuclear matter density, neutral decay modes of the proton-antiproton system at rest,pion production from nuclei and in pp and pd collisions, and few-nucleon bremsstrahlung and capture reactions. In many cases, the emphasis was on the polarization observables of these reactions.

On a technical level, I have experience with all nuclear detection techniques, including the manufacture of lithium-drifted silicon detectors, developing photon-imaging detector for use in nuclear medicine, designing and building liquid hydrogen and superfluid helium targets, and developping a wide range of new technology for experiments with internal targets in cooled, stored beams.