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College of Arts and Sciences

Shyh-Yuan Lee

Shyh-Yuan Lee Professor (retired)
Accelerator Physics

Ph.D., SUNY, Stony Brook, 1972.

Office: IUCEEM 140
Phone: (812) 855-2899
Email: shylee at

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Selected Publications

  • S.Y. Lee, Spin Dynamics and Snakes in synchrotrons, world Scientific (1997)
  • S.Y. Lee, Accelerator Physics, World_Scientific Pub. 4th Ed. (2018)
  • S.Y. Lee, ed., Space Charge Dominated Beams and applications of high brightness beams, AIP Conf. Proceedings 377 (AIP, N.Y. 1996).
  • S.I. Kurokawa, S.Y. Lee, E. Perevedentsev, and S. Turner, eds., Beam Measurement, (World Scientific, Singapore, 1998).
  • S.I. Kurokawa, S.Y. Lee, J. Miles, and E. Perevedentsev, eds., HIGH QUALITY BEAMS: Joint US-CERN-JAPAN-RUSSIA Accelerator School AIP Conference Proceedings 592, (AIP, New York, 2001).